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 New Income + Expenditure Plus Tranfer Window

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PostSubject: New Income + Expenditure Plus Tranfer Window   Sun May 31, 2009 10:55 am

As you all know here at Fifa360 we constantly strive to improve the managerial experience and make it as realistic as possible

On that not there will be a new System in place which will commence as of the End of this Season.


At the end of this Season and every season from here on in, every club will have 10% of their Bank
Balance subtracted and given to Shareholders. This will include your prize money earned throughout the season
(ie League Pos, SUper Cup etc)


All 84 clubs will inherit Income for the Following season and this will take the for of Sponsorship and TV Rights.
The Income will be the same amount for a clubs across the board, however the just like the expenditure the Income may also vary from season to season

So every team will have Income and Expenditure, Every clubs income will be the same however the Expenditure will vary depending on bank balance.

Quick Small Example to Clarify

Team A has 100m
Team B has 80m
Team C has 5m

So 10% is taken from all 3 clubs

Team A 10m subtracted
Team B 8m subtracted
Team C 0.5m subtracted

6mil added to all 3 clubs

New Balances would be

Team A has 96m
Team B has 786m
Team C has 10.5m

With the transfer window looming, we decided to let all clubs and mangers know now as you may want to re-evaluate your fiances
as your balance may not be what you thought it would be at the end of the season

Also just to confirm the Auctions will close on Friday the 5th June at 22:00(uk).

The Transfer Window will Open on 23:00(uk) on the Same night (Friday the 5th)

Please note if you have played all or most of your games and have not pm'd your mod you will be in danger of
losing you job.

Thanks Fifa360 Admin

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New Income + Expenditure Plus Tranfer Window
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