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 Im Back

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HAMO69(AC Milan)
HAMO69(AC Milan)

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PostSubject: Im Back   Mon May 25, 2009 4:22 pm

Blue Steel 07 Press had to say:

He has been sacked as you all know. I know this would come, it was just a question of when.
How can he be so idiotic to put an injured player on the field?

As a manager you should always check your squads fitness before the match.

Why can't he take a draw?
0-0 with Cagliari (very good play by Cagliari manager).
He couldn't take it as a man, a draw is nothing to be ashamed of, at least both teams gets a point each.

Well, what would his next job be? Recreativo? Maybe, but we'll see.

"How could he be so idiotic,He couldnt take it as a man",after this disrespect i will no longer be talking to the press,I am very happy to be back at my job,Admin did what they had and i agree with their decision.I check my squad before every game just like everyone else.I was right all along and the abuse i got while i was temporarily away from other managers has just made them look stupid.You know who you are!I will be keeping a low profile from now on and would like to ask the press to never contact me again,glad to be back HAMO69(The Special One).
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I34dTaleNT 86
1st Team Captain
1st Team Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Im Back   Mon May 25, 2009 4:25 pm

for 1 a dnt no nout about if u had injuries or not a took my loss a veen replied to your post Wink a loss is a loss a can take them

for the point about abuse u givee sum amount out so obv your gony get it bk Wink
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Blue Steal 07 (wigan)
Fifa360 Press Officer
Fifa360 Press Officer
Blue Steal 07 (wigan)

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PostSubject: Re: Im Back   Tue May 26, 2009 4:00 pm

If u dont mind hamo u can remove wat u said about me.

I did not say wat u said I said about u it was posted to me and i posted it in the press room because I was told this was the situation.. all I did was copy the exact message that was sent to me for attention of the press room .

If people go sending me stuff id never be able to post them if i had to check all of them out but there was nothing malicus in wat was sent to me so i posted it.
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PostSubject: Re: Im Back   

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Im Back
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